expert television installation

we install and mount your tv professionally

options with TV installations

  • Connection to WiFi anywhere in your home or business
  • Netflix streaming
  • YouTube streaming
  • HD1080 HDMI connection
  • UHD 4k connection
  • DStv Now streaming
  • Showmax streaming
  • Trunking to hide cables
  • Decoder or Soundbar mounting with TV

Our TV installation procedure

UHD Television Mounting in Centurion, Midrand and Pretoria East.

Let us save you time, back ache and the risk of damaging your expensive new TV. Our work is guaranteed, neat and professional, and we are insured for accidental damage.

Television Bracket Fitment Centurion

A common problem for TV owners is where and how to mount a large flat screen television in a room with limited space and with the ideal mounting position already taken by a dressing table or cupboard.

This is often further complicated by having no power socket or aerial point close to where the TV can be mounted.

Fortunately, we carry a wide range of TV wall mount brackets which allow your television to be mounted in a corner and then swivelled 45 degrees or any angle needed to face your bed or favourite chair, and if it's necessary to mount your television high up near the ceiling to get above your dressing table, the TV bracket can tilt so the TV screen is perpendicular (flat) to your line of sight.

TV Mounting Experts Pretoria East.

Where the power socket is too far we can run an extension cord and neatly attach it to the skirting board and running signal cable anywhere is not a problem for us. We can then hide unsightly cables in trunking (tubes) to keep your home looking neat and tidy. We take care to find where your pipes and electrical cables run before we drill holes and we catch the dust from drilling and wire offcuts so you don't have to clean up behind us.

We mount projectors in offices in and around Centurion

We also supply and install brackets for overhead projectors and do the wiring needed to connect the projector to your DStv Decoder, DVD, Home Theatre or PlayStation. We can install your DStv orOpenView HD Decoderon a glass shelf just below your television, which is convenient when you use your decoder remote control and makes it possible to use the standard cables which came with your decoder.

Many TV owners don't realise that ordinary aerial cable does not support HD 1080 or UHD 4k transmission.

This means that many people spend a lot of money on high quality TV sets but never see the picture quality they paid for and are in fact watching a standard definition picture.

The correct procedure is to use HDMI cable up to 20 meters distance and CAT6 cable with HDMI converters for longer distances. Our installers will be happy to explain the differences and discuss your requirements on site to ensure you see the picture quality your television is capable of showing.

Video streaming from the internet is the modern trend, and with reducing data costs it's now possible to watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and many other video services for no more than a DStv Premium subscription. For this your Smart TV needs to be connected to the internet and we do this for you via WiFi or by running a LAN (Local Area Network) cable from your Telkom Router to your television.

Allow our professionaly trained staff to mount your new television set.

When we install a television we take care of these key points.

  • Use a spirit level to mount your TV exactly horizontal.
  • Use trunking to hide ugly cables.
  • Ensure the TV is angled for optimum viewing.
  • Mount your TV at an ideal height to reduce neck strain.
  • Tune & connect your TV to your decoder, DVD or Media Centre.
  • Use 4k HDMI cables for maximum picture quality.
  • Clean up after working and leave no mess.

TV bracket types

Swivel and Tilt Bracket 32”-70”

Swivel and Tilt bracket 32 - 70 inch- Fully installed in Pretoria.

Swivel and Tilt Bracket 13”-42”

Swivel and Tilt bracket 13-42 inch - Installed professionally in Midrand.

Flush Mount Bracket 32”-70”

Flush Mount bracket 32-70 inch - Installed professionally in Centurion.

Flush Mount bracket 13”-32”

Flush Mount bracket 13-32 inch - Installed professionally in Pretoria East.

Overhead TV Bracket 37”-70”

Overhead TV Bracket 37-70 inch

Tilting Bracket 60"- 110"

Tilting Large screen TV bracket - Installed professionally in Pretoria East.

Overhead Projector Bracket

Overhead projector bracket.

Decoder/PlayStation Wall Mount Double Shelf

Double Shelf Decoder / DVD Bracket.

DStv Decoder Wall Mount Shelf

DStv Decoder Wall Mount shelf
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