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Common Wifi Router Problems

Common wifi router probblems that need repairing
  1. Netflix Buffering.
  2. Not getting WiFi signal in all rooms.
  3. Poor WiFi signal.
  4. It takes long to download.
  5. WiFi speed too slow.
  6. Unable to download apps.
  7. Losing WiFi connectivity.
  8. Internet connection cuts out during online meetings.
  9. WhatsApp voice calls disconnecting.
  10. No WiFi in braai / pool area.
  11. Devices keep disconnecting from WiFi.
  12. Where to install WiFi extenders?
  13. How many WiFi extenders do I need?
  14. Damaged network cables.
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Advice on WiFi Signal Range Extenders

Extend your WiFi range in your home - Pretoria, Midrand, Sandton and Centurion

How do WiFi extenders work?

WiFi repeaters, also known as WiFi Extenders, are used to extend the coverage area of your WiFi network. They work by receiving your existing WiFi signal, amplifying it, and then retransmitting the boosted signal. The purpose of a WiFi Extender is to improve your WiFi signal where it is weak or unreliable and eliminate or minimise "dead zones" in your home or office. Dead Zones are areas where the Wifi signal from your router is too weak to use at all. If you want your Smartphone to continue using WiFi data while sitting on the verandah or around your pool then a WiFi Extender is your solution and will save on using expensive cellular data.

The position and specifications of WiFi Extenders are important. Positioned too far from your router can result in the WiFi Extender amplifying and retransmitting an already degraded signal which will result in a slower network connection speed in the extended WiFi coverage area.

Note that a WiFi Extender will not increase your internet connection speed - it only strengthens your existing WiFi signal and increases the area of WiFi coverage. Many DIY homeowners are disappointed with the performance of WiFi Extenders they buy on specials from chain stores, when they are not correctly selected and installed. Also, the cheap "plug & play" type WiFi Extenders are totally unsuitable for solving long-range WiFi problems and communication issues between different levels in multi-storey houses.

The benefits of extending WiFi signal

WiFi signals inside home WiFi extending

It's irritating when the Netflix or Showmax movie you're watching stops to buffer or the email on your Laptop seems to take forever to download or you can't get the Facebook newsfeed to update on your cellphone. These are symptoms of a poor WiFi signal and are often experienced in double-storey houses because the reinforced concrete floor acts as a screen to the WiFi signal. Also in single-storey houses, many common items such as fridges, stoves, burglar bars, security gates and even mirrors can affect the WiFi signal and create Dead Zones.

The solution to these problems, where a WiFi Extender is not adequate, is to run a LAN (Local Area Network) cable from your Telkom Router to another Router in the second storey of your house above the reinforced concrete floor, or to another Router in a room screened by security gates and big mirrors. It is possible to have multiple WiFi Routers and Extenders in a large multi-storey house which will allow you to move around indoors while on a WhatsApp call without experiencing the frustrating beep beep of a call suffering from a weak WiFi signal.

tp link 450 mbps wireless n router

When maximum data speed is required, such as online gaming from your PC, Playstation, X-Box or HD movie streaming, the solution is to run a LAN cable from your Telkom Router directly to your Smart Tv or game console.

Many people with a DStv Explora don't realise that their decoder can be connected to the internet with a LAN cable or WiFi dongle. This allows you to watch Showmax and get CatchUp Plus which has more than twice the number of movies and Series compared to the standard CatchUp. If you don't have a Smart TV we can supply the latest Google-approved Android Smart TV box which will convert your ordinary TV into a Smart TV and allow you to watch Netflix, YouTube or Amazon Prime TV.

The solution to your WiFi problems

tp link 450 mbps wireless n router

When you decide to use our services, we will visit your home to assess your existing WiFi setup and plan the most efficient and cost-effective solution to your WiFi signal problem. We will advise you on whether a WiFi Extender or Router or LAN cable is your best solution and then install in the most optimum position to overcome the weak WiFi signal in your home. If a LAN cable directly to your Smart TV or game console or DStv Explora is required, we can run it in existing conduits (pipes in the walls) or supply trunking to hide unsightly cables.

Extend your WiFi range in your home - Pretoria, Midrand, Sandton and Centurion

We only use those brands of WiFi Extenders and Routers which we have tested and found to be reliable and effective. Beware of using no-name brands which are prone to lose their settings during power failures. We test your WiFi installation before leaving your home to make sure you are perfectly satisfied, and all our work carries a 3-month money back guarantee for your peace of mind.

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