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OpenView HD - Free Viewing Forever

South Africa’s first free HD satellite TV service OpenView HD was launched in October 2013 & offers viewers nationwide coverage. OpenView HD offers crystal clear quality viewing. With 16 Video channels, viewers can enjoy non-stop international & local entertainment, including movies, music, news, sport, religious and childrens programs. Some of the channels like, are broadcast in full high definition (1080 HD). You now get to enjoy your favourite SABC channels without a seperate TV aerial.

OpenView HD also comes with other services, including reminders and an electronic 8-day TV guide which you can see by pressing the 'EPG' button on your remote control.

No more paying monthly fees, you only pay for the installation, a satellite dish and an OVHD decoder. Don’t miss out on more TV, when you can have free viewing forever!

OVHD Channel List


BBC World News - OVHD Channel

BBC World News on channel 012 is the BBC's international news and current affairs television channel. BBC has the largest audience of any BBC channel, with an estimated 372 million viewers weekly in 2017.


SABC 1 - OVHD Channel

SABC 1 Channel 101 broadcasts channels in English and African languages with programs like news, talk shows, soapies, movies, kids programs and sport like local soccer.

SABC 2 - OVHD Channel

SABC 2 Channel 102 broadcasts channels in English, Afrikaans, Tshwana and Zulu with programs like news, talk shows, soapies, movies and kids programs.

SABC 3 - OVHD Channel

SABC 3 Channel 103 broadcasts channels in English and Afrikaans with programs like news, talk shows, soapies, movies, kids programs and sports like cricket.

eTV HD - OVHD Channel Channel 104 is one of South Africa's first free to air television stations with various programs like news, talk shows, movies, soapies and sports like wrestling and other international sporting content, all in HD.

eTV Extra - OVHD Channel Extra Channel 105 previously called eKasi+, showcases's series which have either appeared on the channel before or yet to be shown and comedies movies on weekends. Etv Extra is the latest addition to the bouquet and is a new general entertainment channel that provides an enticing variety of premium local soaps & entertainment in HD.

eTV Movies - OVHD Channel

eMovies+ Channel 106 is a channel for the whole family packed with mini series and movies from thrillers and romance to action and suspense.

e-movies Extra - OVHD Channel Movies Extra Channel 107 is a sister channel of eMovies+ and eExtra showing mostly action and thriller movies on channel 107. A movie channel powered by which only broadcasts international blockbuster movies, including action, romance, comedy, family and drama.


Trace Sport Stars - OVHD Channel

Trace Sport Stars Channel 011 is a channel dedicated to the lives of stars in the world of sports and offers a intimate and in-depth understanding of champions' lives.

Kwese Sports Free - OVHD Channel

Kwese Free Sports Channel 010 is a sport website serving Sub-Saharan Africa which is operated by Econet Media. It features sport from around the world including basketball, tennis & Motor sports.

Culture & Lifestyle

Glow - OVHD Channel

Glow Channel 140 is a channel filled with eastern inspired content from around the world with shows sourced from India, Brazil, USA and the UK. Programs range from universal story lines, food, soapies, comedy, travel, talk shows, music, celebrity gossip and reality shows.

e-Bella - OVHD Channel

E Bella Channel 109 is a female-centered channel featuring the lives and stories of women around the world with a mix of speciality shows and soapies that empowers and celebrates the lives of women.

Children's & Educational

Mindset Learn on OVHD - TV and Video Doctor

DBE Mindset – Channel 134 Offers mainly locally-produced content with educational programs focusing on the South African curriculum with revision for learners in grade 10, 11 and 12.

Da Vinci Learning on OVHD - TV and Video Doctor

Da Vinci Learning – Channel 135 is a unique family-friendly educational channel filled with programs on learning, creativity and most of all fun!

eToonz on OVHD - TV and Video Doctor

eToonz - Channel 130 is a quality kid’s entertainment channel where exciting tales create endless adventures.

Promotional Channel

OVHD Promotional Channel

Promotional channel Channel 100 provides information about the content you can expect to view on advertised OVHD channels.


KruisKyk Religious Television Programming OVHD

KruisKyk Channel 151 is an afrikaans channel with uplifting messages and programs on lifetyle, food, music, gospel and shows to entertain the children.

Radio Stations

Bok Radio on OVHD - TV and Video Doctor

Bokradio – Channel 601 is a progressive radio station with adult contemporary programming straight from Cape Town.

LM Radio on OVHD - TV and Video Doctor

LM Radio – Channel 602 is a station that will take you down memory lane with a broad range of music from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s and modern day music in the same style.

Pulpit Radio on OVHD - TV and Video Doctor

Radio Pulpit – Channel 607 is a Christian radio station with uplifting content, gospel and talk radio.

Gagasi FM on OVHD - TV and Video Doctor

GagasiFM – Channel 603 is a commercial radio station from KwaZulu Natal that reaches the African youth.

Y-FM on OVHD - TV and Video Doctor

YFM – Channel 600 is a South African English radio station from Gauteng broadcasting Hip Hop and House music.

Kaya FM on OVHD - TV and Video Doctor

KAYA FM - Channel 608 focuses on the lives of the African urban listener between the ages 25 – 49 living in Gauteng. The channel is broadcast in English with talk and contemporary music to smoother sounds like R&B, Soul and Jazz.

O-FM on OVHD - TV and Video Doctor

OFM – Channel 604 is a commercial radio station from the Free State, Northern Cape, North West and southern Gauteng.

Heart FM on OVHD - TV and Video Doctor

Heart FM – Channel 605 is a station straight from the heart of Cape Town providing Urban Contemporary, Jazz, Soul and R&B music.

TransAfrica Radio on OVHD - OVHD Radio Station

TransAfrica Radio - 609 TransAfrica Radio is Africa’s first satellite / digital radio station broadcasting since 2000. TransAfrica’s has a loyal fanbase across South Africa and the whole of Africa. This station is a movement of opinion makers, brand conscious members, movement influencers.

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