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Explora & XtraView Installation, Setup & Repair

xtraview special

DStv HD Decoder

added to existing DStv installation

DStv XtraView Single-View Installation Add-on

Explora Decoder

added onto existing DStv or XtraView installation

XtraView Explora Installation Add-on

Both Special Offers Include

  • XtraView Decoder
  • Heartbeat cable if needed
  • Diplexer if needed
  • Unlimited signal cable to Decoder
  • Install and Setup XtraView
  • Activation of services
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What is DStv XtraView?

Extra View or XtraView as it is correctly named, allows you to link 2 or 3 decoders on 1 subscription using only 1 satellite dish. This gives you the ability to watch 2 or 3 different programmes on 2 or 3 different TVs at the same time in different rooms of your house.

Finally, with these extra views, you have a solution to family squabbling over which program to watch. Dad can watch his sports while Mom watches her soapies and the Kids watch their Cartoons, all at the same time.

DStv xtraview setup with three decoders in three different rooms.

When you link multiple decoders you will pay your usual monthly subscription plus an access fee for each additional decoder. However. if your existing decoder is an Explora then you are already paying an access fee for recording functionality and so you do not need to pay another access fee for your second decoder. This means that monthly viewing on your second decoder is FREE.

Advantages of an Explora decoder

Having an Explora decoder allows you to view Box Office which is a selection of popular movies recently shown at cinemas. Explora decoders have the capability to record any program a week into the future or record each episode of an entire series at any time without needing to know when that episode will be shown.

When connected to the internet an Explora can receive Showmax, which is included FREE in your premium subscription, and CatchUp Plus which can be downloaded and watched anytime and has more content than regular CatchUp, which is a popular selection of recently screened programs you might have missed.

x2 Decoders on XtraView

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Two combination XtraView decoder compatibility

The new Explora Ultra decoder has a built-in WiFi receiver and can stream Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime in addition to Showmax. It also supports 4K Ultra High Definition video material.

x3 Decoders on XtraView

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Three combination of DStv Explora and HD decoders in XtraView

An Explora is necessary as the 3rd Decoder in a 3 view XtraView setup which requires that at least one of the decoders must be an Explora.

XtraView Compatible Decoder Models

Click on your DStv decoder to see info on XtraView combinations.

Explora 1A
DStv Explora 1A decoder - XtraView compatibility
Explora 2A
Dstv Explora 2a decoder is compatible with XtraView
Explora 3A/3B
DStv Explora 3a model decoder is compatible with XtraView
Explora Ultra
DStv Explora Ultra decoder is compatible with XtraView
DStv HD PVR 2 P is compatible with XtraView
HD 4U/5U
DStv Model 4U decoder is compatible with XtraView
DStv Model 5S decoder is compatible with XtraView
HD 6S/8S
DStv Explora 6S Decoder is compatible with XtraView
DSD 1110
DStv DSD 1110 Decoder is compatible with XtraView
DSD 1131
DStv DSD 1131 Decoder is compatible with XtraView
DSD 1132
DStv DSD 1132 Decoder is compatible with XtraView
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