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Common Microwave Oven problems

Common microwave oven probblems that need repairing
  1. Not heating up but the lights are on.
  2. Dead - no lights - not working at all.
  3. Not heating up fast enough.
  4. Touchpad buttons not working.
  5. Touchpad buttons are hard to press.
  6. Microwave oven light not coming on.
  7. Numbers don't display on front of microwave.
  8. Crackling electrical sound.
  9. Burning smell.
  10. Glass plate not turning.
  11. Glass plate jerking or wobbling while turning.
  12. Microwave oven door does not stay closed.
  13. Vibrating sound from the back of the microwave.
  14. The top of the microwave oven becomes unusually hot.
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Lifetime of Microwave Ovens

We take great care while working on your Microwave oven

Microwave ovens can be expected to last 5 -10 years, with the average being around 9-years of usage, according to the NAHB (National Association of House Builders) Of course the actual lifetime of your microwave will depend on how much you use it and how well you maintain it. Taking longer to cook or defrost food is one of the warning signs of an ageing magnetron, which is the part that creates the microwaves and is the heart of the oven so to speak.

microwave magnetron - we replace magnetrons on your microwave oven

Fortunately, magnetrons and other spare parts are available for most makes and models and repairs are much less expensive than replacing your microwave oven. All our repair work carries a 3-month money back guarantee.

Dangers & Safety tips

Microwave ovens are considered safe if kept clean and used as per the manufacturer's instructions, and repaired when needed. However there are potential hazards which can be avoided by using your common sense and following these tips:

  • Don't spill or use excessive water when washing your microwave oven because if water gets inside the covers it can damage electronic parts, especially the front panel behind the touchpad. A soft moist cloth with Handy Andy or similar bleach should be sufficient to clean all visible surfaces. Give extra attention to fat deposits inside the oven because if these are not removed they can catch alight and start a fire.
  • Do not run your microwave oven empty (without food or liquid inside) because this can damage the magnetron (the electronic device which generates the microwaves)
  • Do not put metal objects in your oven because they can spark and start a fire.
  • Use only containers and plates which are approved for microwave cooking. Plastic and styrofoam containers can melt and some plates absorb microwaves and so get hot and can crack.
  • Do not use your microwave oven if the door has become bent or does not close properly because it will radiate microwaves into your kitchen which is dangerous and can damage your eyes.
  • Unless you are an electronic technician you should not unscrew and remove the metal cover from your microwave oven because there is a high voltage capacitor inside that can hold electrical charge for up to 24-hours and can shock an untrained person if not discharged correctly. Don't take the risk. Rather let our professional staff open your microwave and do the necessary repairs.
Shock warning from opening your microwave
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