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*R488 Digital TV Special includes*

  • DTT decoder & remote control
  • 13 Free TV Channels
  • TV aerial
  • Aerial lead
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Free to View satellite TV installation package

Free TV Channels Satellite Installers in Pretoria East
Free Satellite TV Installation Special
  • Installation to one point
  • Satellite dish
  • Wall bracket
  • LNB
  • Free-to-View Decoder & remote control
  • Labour including setup and activation
  • Unlimited aerial cable to one point

Free Viewing Satellite Television

You can now enjoy entertainment from 12 DTT Aerial channels, over 150 Satellite channels, and over 250 radio channels with no monthly subscription using our Free Tv Channels decoder.

You will find familiar programmes like SABC and eTV and Kruiskyk, and also lots of other religious and entertainment channels, plus some news and sports channels. There’s endless entertainment for you and the whole family without the monthly cost. You only pay a once-off installation fee and nothing ever again.

The AMO digital combination decoder with remote control, receives both Digital Terrestrial TV (DTT) channels from an aerial and Free Satellite TV channels from a dish. It has PVR (Personal Video Recorder) functionality when used with a Flash memory stick, which means you can record, pause, fast forward and rewind just like an Explora decoder. With selectable aspect ratio and video resolution, 2 USB ports, an HDMI port and 3G internet capability for YouTube reception, you have a top of the range set-top box.

What this means is that you can enjoy High Definition Digital satellite and Digital aerial channels in your home at no monthly cost - No subscription - No fees - Free - Mahala!

Digital Terrestrial TV (DTT)

SABC Sport HD on Free TV Channels Digital Terrestrial Television South Africa

SABC Sport HDChannel 0007 - For the Love of the Game. From international soccer to live cricket, you are covered by SABC Sport all day. Did you forget to watch the game last night and want to get the score? Then SABC Sport HD is the channel you should keep your eye on. Now you can view sports video in High Definition without worrying about monthly fees!

SABC Encore on Free TV Channels Digital Terrestrial Television South Africa

SABC EncoreChannel 0008 - With SABC Encore, you have loads of programming to choose from. You can expect to see shows in genres such as variety, drama, talk, comedy and children's. Shows include Mohlolohadi, Thabang Thabong, Antenna, Silhouette, Meeulanders and Skooldae. Famous names include Henry Cele for his role in the Shaka Zulu mini-series.

SABC 1 on Free TV Channels Digital Terrestrial Television South Africa

SABC 1 HDChannel 0002 - Broadcasting in English and Nguni, this is probably the most well-known television channel in South Africa. It is a necessity to have SABC 1 on your TV. With shows like Skeem Saam, Generations: The Legacy and Isidingo: The Need, you are sure not to miss a beat. For the young ones, there are shows like Soul Buddyz and for hours of entertainment. Mzansi fo sho.

SABC 2 on Free TV Channels Digital Terrestrial Television South Africa

SABC 2 HDChannel 0003 - Wake up with presenters Leanne Manas, Sakina Kamwendo & sports presenter, Vaylen Kirtley on the Morning Show. The show carries news on every topic you can think of, such as market sense; socio-economic issues, education matters; crime issues; political issues; sports news; live weather, traffic reports and more. With a high profile Afrikaans line-up of shows, you can expect to see Vetkoekpaleis 2, 7de Laan and Voetspore. Don't forget to watch the daily news and catch up on current events in Afrikaans, Venda, Tsonga, Setswana and Sesotho.

SABC 3 HD on Free TV Channels Digital Terrestrial Television South Africa

SABC 3 HDChannel 0006 - SABC 3 delivers entertainment, information and insight to the upmarket South African. Its tone is fresh, dynamic, inclusive and credible. SABC 3 HD delivers cutting-edge programming such as Expresso, Afternoon Express, Isidingo, Generations and 7de Laan. SABC 3 also serves to educate and inform the modern South African, on the cultural, technological and socio-economic news of our country.

SABC News HD on Free TV Channels Digital Terrestrial Television South Africa

SABC News HDChannel 0005 - Stay in the know with SABC News HD, covering local, international, political, socio-economical, Hollywood, sport and more. Join Peter Ndoro for the latest breaking news and get updated scores on sports results around locally and around the globe. SABC News HD keeps you up to date and well informed on all fronts.

E-Movies HD on Free TV Channels Digital Terrestrial Television South Africa

e-MoviesChannel 00011 - With more than 12 movies playing in a day, uninterrupted, this makes eMovies a perfect binge channel if you have some time for yourself and just want to kick back and relax. E-movies is perfect for anyone in the family whether they are interested in romance or action, you can bet that E-movies will have it. With Bruce Willis action flicks and Owen Wilson festivals, you will be entertained for hours on end.

e-TV HD on Free TV Channels Digital Terrestrial Television South Africa

e-TV HDChannel 00012 - Catch the news in the mornings on e-HD and watch as soap opera programs with captivating storylines play out. The Morning Show where you get the daily scoop is directly after that. Soapies such as Days of our Lives, Bittersoet, Rhythm City and Scandal will keep you glued to the screen and wondering what will happen next. A little later there are variety and kids programs to entertain the whole family. Finally, after watching the late News, you can enjoy a good night’s sleep. e-HD surely has it all.

E-TV Extra HD on Free TV Channels Digital Terrestrial Television South Africa

e-TV Extra HDChannel 00010 - If you are looking for a little more cultural diversity then e- Extra is for you. Enjoy programs like Psych, The Girl Named Feriha, Qubool Hai, Vallei Van Sluiers and Die Vreemdeling. It offers tons of shows from Bollywood classics to local Afrikaans programming for young and old. You always have a variety of entertainment to watch on e-Extra and it is HD!

e-Toonz HD on Free TV Channels Digital Terrestrial Television South Africa

e-ToonzGet ready for constant kiddies entertainment with E-Toonz. For the best kidsprogramming and cartoons, tune in to eToonz for shows like Peppa Pig, Jake and The Neverland Pirates, Barbie Dreamtopia, Little People, Nina's World,Barney & friends, The New Teletubbies & much more! Never have a dull moment for the kids with E-Toonz!

Parliament TV on Free TV Channels Digital Terrestrial Television South Africa

Parliament TVChannel 0001 - Ever wondered what is being discussed in parliament? Tune in to Parliament TV to find out what’s going on in our country, with regards to politics and legislation. Parliament TV allows you to stay up to date and in the know about what your government is doing for you. Watch your highly paid politicians dream away while discussing legislation andcompare how much their houses cost.

REG GAU Tshwane on Free TV Channels Digital Terrestrial Television South Africa

Tshwane TVChannel 0009 - Coming to you from the capital city of South Africa is Tshwane TV. Tshwane TV Showcases a wide range of programming including Sport, News, Soapies, Movies, Drama Series, Kids Programming, Life-Style & religion. This new channel comes from the capital and offers high-quality broadcasting in the heart of Tshwane with tons of shows to choose from.Get ready for homegrown entertainment.

Go Digital - Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting in South Africa

Go DigitalChannel 0004 - Digital TV gives you access to view more free-to-air channels. Go Digital was founded in 2012 and aims to assist in the migration from analogue to digital broadcasting in South Africa. You can now enjoy more free TV channels in HD quality. The time to Go Digital is now!

Satellite Channels (Free-to-View)

Afrikaans Satellite Channels

Have you heard that you can now view your favourite Afrikaans programming on KruisKyk TV (channel 59) and HomeBase TV (channel 11) via satellite broadcast? This means that you now have two more channels that broadcast Afrikaans programs for you and your family 24/7 with no extra monthly fee. Popular names include pastors like Angus Buchan, Dr Fred Lubbe, Peter Miller & Joyce Meyer are sure to keep you updated with captivating religious programming.

KruisKyk Afrikaans Channel on Free-to-View Satellite Television

KruisKyk TV- Channel 59

With a strong focus on enriching lives through the Good News message with meaningful functional relationships as value-added support to the vision. Facilitating value-based broadcasting aligned with proper standards. Offering not only high-quality productions whilst using world-class technologies. Tune in today!

HomeBase TV with Afrikaans content on Free-to-View Satellite Television

HomeBase TV- Channel 11

This non-profit organisation exists to proclaim the Truth of the Bible through media. With 24/7 broadcasting via satellite, millions can now view capturing content. Covering the following topics: faith, love, world events, relationships, bible prophecies, health, lifestyle, family, economics, music, inspiration, cooking and also gardening.


Sport Channels

SABC Sport Channel

SABC SportChannel 56 - If you missed the most recent game, you can rest assured that SABC Sport covers not only live sports action and sport magazine shows. These shows range from cricket, soccer, boxing and rugby. Broadcasting to more than 30 million audiences weekly! SABC Sport - For the love of the game.

News Channels

Press TV Channel

Press TVChannel 49 - With headquarters in Tehran, not only is this the first Iranian international news network, by broadcasting 24-hour French and English-language news. Sport in the form of football & basketball from Europe will keep you up to date with the scores.

SABC News TV Channel

SABC News HDChannel 63 - Bringing you the latest breaking news from around South Africa and the rest of the globe. Broadcasting special reports, world news, business news & sports coverage of all South African current events. Africa's news leader.

Religious SA

NAC TV Channel - Free TV Channel

NAC TVThe New Apostolic Church Southern Africa TV Channel provides tonnes of Christian programming. In a progressive move to embrace technology as the newest medium through which to foster fellowship in the community. Also, to minister on a regular and sustainable basis. While the NAC is no stranger to broadcast in terms of its frequent transmission services; this channel strives to showcase as much local content as possible

UBN TV Channel

UBNChannel 114 - UBN TV is a satellite television station from Johannesburg, providing Christian, Religious and Gospel programs. UBN TV (Unity Broadcasting Network) is a ministry of the Unity Fellowship Church.

1-KZN TV Channel

1KZNChannel 54 - 1KZN is based in the heart of KwaZulu-Natal and is a community-based television station that prides itself in its mandate to groom and showcase local talent. With a programme bouquet ranging from sport to traditional music, current affairs (also Zulu kingdom affairs), children's programmes.

RCW TV Channel

RCW TVChannel 76 - From the founders of Gospel Videos Productions in Juiz de Fora, Portugal, RCW TV showcases Gospel channels, local programming, transmitting knowledge and information over satellite broadcast TV. Currently reaching over 2-million users, tune in to this Portuguese channel for unlimited high-quality Gospel entertainment.

Good News TV Channel

Good News TVChannel 100 - From the 10th of November, Good News Television has been broadcasting on Free to Air satellite TV. Bringing Good News to everyone means that this channel is suited for the whole family. Programmes range from Miracles of God Church broadcasting both Sunday's services as well as Wednesday's. Prophet H.J Maluleke will host Christian gatherings, healing and deliverance testimonies, sermons and other Biblical activities.

Agape TV Channel

AgapeChannel 118 - With roots in Nepal, this Christian TV channel offers an array of programmes including songs, Nepali worship videos, new Nepali Christian songs, testimonies, Christian films, short movies, Christian events and much more!

HC Morning Start TV Channel

HC Morning StartChannel 126 - This is the official TV network of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, offering programs not only on wholistic Christian living but it also focusses on matters of faith, health, relationships and community. Broadcasting started in the USA in 2003 and now covers Africa, Europe, Asia, South America and the islands of the Pacific.

RCG TV Network

RCGis a television station located in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. The station is a Televisa local station, with programming from FOROtv as well as its own local productions and news, and is owned by Grupo RCG

Khuduga HD TV Network

Khuduga HDChannel 129 - Khuduga HD is a new TV channel in Botswana, which is preparing for its official launch in April 2017. Khuduga HD came about as the result of the digital migration process that enabled more channels to be available on the spectrum. Khuduga HD is a full spectrum channel offering a mix of programming on national level.

Rabonni TV Channel

Rabonni TVBeing born again is the work of the Spirit. Spirit give birth to Spirit and Flesh gives birth to Flesh. Be sure to stay tuned to Rabonni to find out how you can reach spiritual enlightenment.

Covenant TV Channel

Covenant TVFor more exciting Christian content, music videos, movies, events and more, be sure to keep your channels locked on to Covenant TV.

Supreme Master Channel

Supreme Master TVWith a strong focus on Veganism, caring for animals, spirituality, peace, the environment, as well as art and culture. Healht tips is also a strong focus point. Ensuring a wider spectrum focus on the physical and mental well-being for everyone.

Music Channels

Angel TV Channel

Angel TVChannel 73 - Distinctive programmes featuring something for everyone, with talk shows and healthy lifestyle programmes covering topics to everyday living. Dramas and movies are carefully scripted and directed to bring wholesome and inspiring entertainment for the whole family. Featuring the best in Christian music, a wide variety of inspirational speakers, children's programmes & live event coverage.

For more information on the channels available for each type of category, please click on the category image to view more.

Other Channels Free-to-View

Other Channels

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Religious Channels Free-to-View Satellite TV

Religious English

Other Religious Channels Free-to-View Satellite Television

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With all these channels to view for free (at no monthly recurring subscription fee), you can save money and view your favourite high-quality programming. Our fully-trained installers are waiting to install your Free-to-View model today.

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