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tips on multichoice dstv decoders, tv aerials, dvd & vcr

if you are not getting the picture that you want on your tv

Check if your TV screen shows "NO SIGNAL" message:

Click/Touch one of the TVs for help

For DStv / OVHD

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For VCR / TV Aerial

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For DVD Player

problems on newer systems - HD & AV

Check that the AV and HDMI cables from your DStv decoder and DVD player are connected to the HDMI or the AV/Video ports at the back or side of TV.

Then check that you have selected the correct SOURCE or INPUT on the TV by using the TV remote control.

Depending on which input socket your cable is connected to, select one of the following:

  • AV 1
  • AV 2
  • HDMI 1
  • HDMI 2
  • HDMI 3

problems on older systems - Box TVs, VCRs & additional TV points

If you experience problems operating your set, check the following sequence:

  1. Check that the cables from TV, DStv/OVHD decoders and satellite dish are connected.

    The correct sequence is as follows:

    1. Satellite dish to DStv/OVHD decoder
    2. DStv/OVHD decoder to VCR or additional TV point (Should you have a VCR) or (Additional TV)
    3. VCR to TV socket RF
    4. DVD player connects to TVs AV socket.
  2. Then check that you have selected the correct SOURCE or INPUT on the TV by using the TV remote control.

Depending on which input socket your cable is connected to, select one of the following:

  • TV
  • AV 1
  • AV 2

Our experience has shown that many TV, VCR, DVD, CD Player and DSTV decoder problems can be avoided by following these instructions:

  • Do not use damaged cassette tapes, they will dirty your video heads. Do not use scratched discs, this causes audio tracks to skip, pictures to freeze and laser pickups to wear out sooner.
  • Keep your discs and tapes in their dust covers.
  • Never leave your tapes or discs in the sun or on top of a warm TV, DSTV, VCR, DVD or CD Player.
  • Throw away any tape that is crinkled or disc that is scratched.
  • Never try joining a broken tape; this will damage your VCR video heads.
  • Never put oil in your DVD, CD or VCR. Incorrect placing of oil will cause damage and unnecessary expense.
  • Replace damaged cables or plugs. They can cause snow or loss of sound or picture.
  • Do not use ear buds or cotton wool to clean your video heads or laser eye. This can cause damage. Use only a Video Head cleaner cassette or Disc Cleaner.
  • We recommend that you have your DVD , CD or Video serviced once every two years.

dstv picture quality

Should your DSTV RF picture be fuzzy, have wavy lines or appear to have a second picture in the background try the following recommended procedure to change DSTV decoder output channel frequency.


Click/Touch the decoder image.


Click/Touch the decoder image.


Click/Touch the decoder image.


Click/Touch the decoder image.

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advice on buying products

With over 30-years experience in the TV Repair & Satellite TV installation industry, here are our suggestions:

  1. We recommend that you buy a well-known brand, like LG, Samsung or Hisense.
  2. If you want to buy products that will last longer, don’t buy “grey” products. Rather spend the extra cash on good quality brand names from reputable suppliers.
  3. Get your Multichoice DStv satellite dish installation done by a Multichoice accredited DStv installer who will honour his guarantee.
  4. We are up to date on the latest high definition TV technology and will gladly explain the advantage of Explora decoders, Multichoice Xtra View decoders and HDMI High Definition TV points.
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